Protectakote is a single component, ready-to-use, anti-slip coating with polyurethane performance for ultimate toughness.  The course profile textured surface is ideal for interior floors, factory work-stations, walkways, stairs, ramps, vehicles and other areas where a flexible, durable and long lasting anti-slip surface is important. Protectakote is ready-to use, easy to apply by brush, roller or spray and is available in a variety of colours as well as a smooth version for maintenance coats.

Protectakote UVR

Protectakote UVR is an anti-slip aliphatic polyurethane coating, which forms a colour-fast, abrasion and weather resistant film. Protectakote UVR is single-component, ready to use and easy to apply. Protectakote UVR is ideal for use as an anti-slip protective coating for indoor and exterior applications.


Marinekote is a single-component polyurethane coating incorporating anti-slip silicone particles that provides an attractive slip-resistant surface for wet or dry walkways in marine environments. Its moisture-cure aliphatic polyurethane composition provides easy application with an extremely abrasion and weather resistant film. Marinekote has an attractive, low gloss finish which is easy to clean. Marinekote comes in attractive standard marine colours that will not fade or yellow from UV radiation.

Protectakote 2K Metal Primer

Protectakote 2K Metal Primer is a dual component etch primer suitable for achieving adhesion of polyurethane to all types of aluminium as well as all other metal types where adhesion is problematic. Protectakote 2K Metal Primer is suitable for applications involving complete immersion in water.

Protectakote Clear Urethane Primer

Protectakote Clear Urethane Primer is a single component urethane primer used to consolidate porous surfaces prior to topcoating with any of the Smartkote anti-slip coatings.

Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment

Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment is a single component primer treatment, which can be used to prepare inorganic surfaces for the subsequent adhesion of Smartkote polyurethane coatings. This product ensures excellent adhesion of reactive, solvent-borne urethanes to unreactive inorganic surfaces without changing their appearance. Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment is essential for the application of clear non-slip or clear smooth versions of Smartkote to substrates which generally don’t allow adhesion.

Duram NS5 Metcote Etch Primer

Duram NS5 Metcote Etch Primer is a high adhesion metal primer with excellent etching qualities. This quality metal primer is solvent based and contains acids and adhesion promoters that etch the metal surface ensuring excellent adhesion. NS5 Metcote Etch Primer is quick drying and can be topcoated with most paints within two hours of application.