A tough, textured, anti-slip, single component polyurethane coating which is ideal for areas where a flexible, durable, chemical resistant and long lasting anti-slip surface is important.

Protectakote UVR

An anti-slip, aliphatic, single pack polyurethane coating, which forms a colourfast, abrasion and UV and weather resistant film able to withstand extreme exterior conditions.


A single-component polyurethane coating with fine anti-slip silicone particles that provides a very attractive, nonabrasive, easy to clean slip-resistant surface that can be walked over with bare feet.


A single component, fast drying polyurethane coating incorporating fine anti-slip silicone particles that provides an attractive, comfortable, UV and slip resistant surface that is easy to clean for wet or dry walkways in marine environments.

Protectakote WB

A single pack, water-based, low odour, solvent-free polyurethane coating which cures into an attractive, tough, textured anti-slip coating with excellent weather, chemical and abrasion resistance.

Duram Showfloor Polyurethane Floor Paint

Developed with unique polyurethane technology to provide a tough, long lasting floor paint with a luxurious, medium sheen, smooth finish.