The Smartkote range of tough, single-pack topcoats are highly specialised and ideal for floors that require a durable, textured anti-slip finish. Smartkote products can be applied indoors or outdoors, on commercial, residential or industrial flooring because of their excellent chemical, weather and abrasion resistant properties. They are also UV-stable, making them perfect for marine and other environments where there is direct exposure to the elements. These hard-wearing topcoats use non-abrasive rubber or silicone particles in a variety of textures that range from a tough, coarse texture to ensure absolute safety in industrial applications, to a fine texture for foot comfort. The topcoats are available in attractive military, safety and decorative colours.


Smartkote offers a comprehensive range of supporting primers that can be applied to almost any substrate, including metal, concrete, wood, fibreglass, plastic, PVC, rubber, glazed tiles and previously painted surfaces. These primers are used to prepare the surface before applying the Smartkote Topcoats.


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